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  Havester Series

-Press seeds oil Machines

-Mini Combine Harvester

-Earth Boring Machine

-Grinding Paste&Flour Machine

-Multi-Function Power Tiller

-Aerosol Sprayer Series

-Multi-Function Rice Mill Machine

-Souse Machine

-Thresher Machine

-Family Generators

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SH-150   Mini Reaper
Cutting Width:150CM
Power: 186FS Output: 3 to 4 MU/H, Cutting Parts Size:1560x845x650mm

SH-100 Mini Reaper, Harvester
Cutting Width: 100CM
Power: 178FS
Output: 3 to 4 MU/H
Cutting Parts Size:1560x845x650mm

 Portable Harvesting  Machine
80 manganese steel saw blad
Motor is nanomotor
Max Power:1.4kw/6500rpm(1.8HP)
Gas tank size: 45X32X34CM